Migraine Remedies (Other Stuff)

Close up of coffee beans

Other than medication I find some stuff useful. In fact, if medication is not combined with some of these following items, generally I don’t fully recover.


First let me start with things I do during an attack. I’ve already talked in a previous post, that I stop eating anything when I feel the migraine aura. If I don’t stop eating nearly always I get nauseous and the intensity of the pain during the attack increases. These are basically three things: caffeine, chocolate and classical music. Caffeine in very high amounts. The quality is generally not important. For example, multiple spoons of instant coffee with very little water creates a very high concentration coffee. It may not taste good, but for me it helps greatly.
The next thing is chocolate. In fact, if possible dark chocolate. Supposedly it is a migraine trigger because it contains the amino acid tyramine. But for some reason it has the opposite effect on me. But I don’t eat it like a savage, I let it melt and dissolve in my mouth. In my mind I imagine it directly diffusing into my brain, where I see it solve whatever problem there is with its special not yet discovered vitamin or mineral in it. I also eat lots of plain refined sugar to get the energy I need, since I haven’t eaten anything after feeling the aura. Of course all of this is just bullshit, it is not evidence-based. But I suspect that the tyramine hypothesis suggested by neurologists has more scientific basis. I plan to write on evidence-based medicine and how it still does not have a sufficient penetration rate in even modern societies later.

The last thing I do during attacks is listening to classical music. But not all of them have a positive effect, I’ll list some that I prefer here. You’ll see that all of them are calming. Schubert is by far my favorite composer. I am not suggesting that I know anything about music. I am not even a novice on the subject, I just listen to some pieces and if I like them, I like them, if not, so be it. That doesn’t change the fact that I believe that every single piece I list here is way better than any famous, popular pieces written by Bach, Mozart or Beethoven. My top two are “Arpeggione Sonata” and “Der Tod und das Maedchen”.

Then I prefer Impromptus and Moments Musicaux, Staendchen, Lied – To be sung on water and lastly the 5th and 7th(unfinished) Symphonies. The other pieces that I really like are Yiruma – River Flows in You, Goldberg Variations by Bach and Mondscheinsonate and 7th Symphony by Beethoven.

Other than these fitness and healthy eating has tremendously decreased the frequency and severity of my symptoms. I will talk about this in a later post, I have a theory that a migraine sufferer should suffer them for his/her own good.